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EPOKE Self Heal Resin-1.5Kg + FREE SHIPPING

EPOKE Self Heal Resin-1.5Kg + FREE SHIPPING

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Introducing Epoke Self Healing Resin, the ultimate solution for flawless coatings. With a precise mix ratio of 2:1 by weight, achieving perfection has never been easier. Experience unparalleled clarity and a high-gloss finish that will elevate your creations. Our resin’s remarkable scratch resistance ensures lasting beauty, while its exceptional flexibility accommodates a range of applications. Elevate your projects with Epoke Self Healing Resin – where clarity, gloss, and durability converge.
Contents: Resin 1Kg + Hardener 500g

Mix ratio: 2:1 by weight. Eg 20g Resin and 10g Hardener

Coverage: 1kg of mix covers 12 to 15 SqFt. in 1mm thickness.


      • Crystal Clear Coating
      • Flexible to the touch once cured.
      • Self-leveling system
      • High Gloss and Crystal Clear finish
      • Highly resistant to yellowing and UV resistant
      •  High Heat Resistance of up to 95 Degrees Celsius.
    • High Scratch-Resistance with good flexibility
    • Flexibility will vary based on pour thickness.
    • Peak flexibility is attained with clear pours only.
    • Pigment use will compromise flexibility, which can vary
      from color to color.
    • Technical Details:

      Detail Time Temperature
       Pot Life
      45 mins
      @ 25 deg C
      Overcoat time
      8 to 10 hours
      @ 25 deg C
      Touch dry
      12 hours
      @ 25deg C
      Cure to handle
      24 hours
      @ 25deg C
      Full internal cure
      48 hours
      @ 25 deg C
      Max Single Pour  Upto 8mm @25 deg C
      ***please Note description is as per by company


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