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Corner Slot Punch

Corner Slot Punch

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This slot punch has been designed to cut out a slot that will hold a photo or a piece of paper or card stock.
-This punch will work well in many handmade cards and scrapbooking projects.

-This type of punch is also useful for making gift cardholders.

-This slot punches has a wide variety of applications and is ideal for scrapbooking projects or for making handmade cards with an insert.

-This punch is superb for making business card holders.

-This adds interest to many rubber stamping projects, such as handmade cards, as well as being great for creating attractive scrapbooking pages.

-Punch the four corners of a piece of paper, slip a photo into the slots and you have an instant frame

Cuts 90 gsm to 220 gsm without any extra force.


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