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Reinforcement Hole Punch

Reinforcement Hole Punch

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Dress My Craft Reinforcement Hole punch is a great innovation for scrapbookers.
Great for cutting: Papers, Cardstocks, Stationery, Invitations, and other craft projects.
Cuts perfect reinforcers for all scrapbooking needs.

It can cut 90 gsm to 120 gsm without any extra force.

The storage system on the top of the punch makes it more user-friendly to clean and empty the bin.

P.S. Don’t use handmade sheets as they might jam the punch.

This punch is different from any other punch as it doesn’t give the cutout from the bottom and you need to get it from the center only.

Please close the top part properly after emptying otherwise it will not cut and work.

It’s important to understand its functioning or else you may not get the desired results.


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